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For us it’s all about seafood

We’re a flexible seafood producer with a wide range of new machines and various packaging options

Quality, Sustainability, and Innovation

Waterline AS embodies quality, sustainability, and growth. Our rigorous standards deliver trusted seafood. Our MSC and ASC certifications emphasize our dedication to sustainability. Our evolution from a small operation to a global producer showcases our drive for innovation.

Quality and Safety

Rigorous safety measures and quality control systems, including HACCP-based management, ensure the highest quality, traceable seafood products​.

Sustainable Practices

Waterline AS is both MSC and ASC certified, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and minimal environmental impact in its operations​.

Innovation and Growth

From a humble beginning to a modern, integrated producer with a rapidly growing international customer base, Waterline AS showcases constant innovation and growth​.


Filleting by hand

Skilled artisans carefully remove fish bones and create fillets by hand, ensuring precision and quality.

Cutting frozen fish

Utilizing precise cutting techniques, we transform frozen fish into portions, fillets, steaks, and loins, offering a variety of options for our customers.

Fixed weight portion cutting

Our advanced equipment enables us to precisely cut fish into fixed weight portions, ensuring consistency and convenience for our customers.

Cold smoking

Through a meticulous process, we cold smoke our seafood, infusing it with a delicate and smoky flavor while retaining its natural texture.

Hot smoking

Employing controlled heat and smoke, we hot smoke our salmon, resulting in a rich and robust flavor profile that is sure to satisfy.

Light salting

Our careful application of just the right amount of salt enhances the taste and texture of our seafood, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.


We rapidly freeze our seafood to preserve its freshness, flavor, and nutritional value until it reaches your plate.


We meticulously thaw and refresh our seafood to restore its natural texture and taste, ensuring that each bite is as delicious as the day it was caught.

Packing and labeling

Our dedicated team carefully packs and labels each product, ensuring that it is securely packaged and accurately labeled for easy identification and consumer confidence.


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Alters the package’s atmosphere to slow microbial growth and extend shelf life.

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Uses a plastic film conforming to the product’s shape, providing visibility and longer shelf life.

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Removes all air from a package to inhibit bacterial growth and preserve the product.

Waterline AS seafood producer norway IQF Bag hel2


Our individually quick frozen (IQF) seafood is carefully packed in convenient bags, ensuring the preservation of quality and providing easy portioning and usage for your convenience.

Waterline AS seafood producer norway IQF Bulk 2


Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) seafood packaged in larger quantities, offering flexibility for industrial-scale use or customized portioning while ensuring freshness.

From humble beginnings to leading seafood production

Founded in 2003 in Langevåg right outside of Ålesund, Norway by the Dybvik brothers and their close friend.

Their expertise in production and seafood transformed into a leading producer of tray sealed fish.

Today: Growth, Innovation, and Global Impact

Waterline AS has grown from three to 20 full-time employees. We are an integrated producer, handling all processes from filleting to packing. Our goal is constant improvement and innovation. Our products are sought after locally and internationally, indicating our rapid growth.